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Thomas Marlowe, MD

As a child, Dr. Marlowe wore “husky” jeans which were still too tight. Dr. Marlowe continued to gain weight until his wake-up call in medical school. His friend said, “I would never see you as a doctor, because you’re fat. I don’t need a hypocrite telling me how to be healthy.” Dr. Marlowe began his own weight loss journey.

Dr. Marlowe graduated cum laude in 1995 from the Ivy League’s Dartmouth College and in 1999 from the Indiana University School of Medicine. Thomas Marlowe, M.D. completed his internship at the University of Massachusetts and his residency in Family Medicine at Indiana University. In 2005, Dr. Marlowe moved to Charlotte, N.C. to open the Weight Loss Institute where he practices bariatric medicine.

Dr. Marlowe is a well-respected member of The Obesity Medicine Association.

Thomas Marlowe M.D. is ranked in the top 10% in his board certification with the American Board of Family Medicine. He practices only Obesity Medicine at the Weight Loss Institute.

Dr. Marlowe is a public speaker on the topics of obesity, weight loss, and weight loss medications. He has delivered educational speeches about weight loss to all types of groups, from social organizations like the Charlotte Rotary Club to physicians seeking to learn about the new weight loss medications.

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