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Best Weight Loss Diet

Each person benefits most from an individualized weight loss diet. Would you choose a cardiologist who gives each patient the exact same prescription? No. We demand a physician who determines the best medical regimen based upon each person's unique situation. Why...

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Had a weight loss relapse? Suffered a setback in your weight loss journey? Don't worry. We've all been there and we can help. We're in this together. Contemplate this poem by Portia Nelson. Chapter I I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall...

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Chilhood Obesity

Weight loss experts express concern that the obese children of today will be the adults of the future having more heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cirrhosis. Medical problems which go hand-in-hand with obesity can independently accelerate hardening of the...

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Pregnancy Weight

Congratulations!  You've just been blessed with your new baby.  What a gift.  Although there is a flurry of demands at this time in your life, don't delay losing the pounds you put on during pregnancy.  If you delay weight loss, you...

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Weight Loss Cycling Not Harmful

"Weight loss cycling" is the term for weight loss, then weight regain, and then weight loss again. In the past, medical weight loss clinics have told patients that weight loss cycling is harmful to health. A new analysis of weight loss demonstrates that the old view...

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TV, Heart Attack Risk

Weight loss researchers in Australia verified the correlation between television viewing time and cardiac risk factors. Weight loss researchers concluded that "[television] sitting time was detrimentally associated with waist circumference, BMI, systolic blood...

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The latest health food

Have you heard about the latest health food?  The newsmedia says it will cure cancer and cause dramatic weight loss.  Sounds too good to be true. That's because it's not true. Every few months, the newsmedia catches upon a tidbit from a medical journal and then blows...

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Bariatric surgery cause of cancer

As a result of a recent study, some patients are choosing a medical weight loss clinic over a surgical weight loss clinic. At Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss Institute, we perform medical weight loss, not surgery. For the majority of patients who experience weight loss...

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