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Best Medical Weight Loss Clinic

How do you choose the best medical weight loss clinic? What questions should you ask? After twenty years of helping patients lose weight, I realize there are questions everyone should ask in order to find the best medical weight loss clinic, but no one does. 1)...

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3 Keto Diet Mistakes

1) The Keto Diet isn't the best diet for you. Yesterday I saw a new patient who had followed the Keto Diet for 6 months before seeing us and had actually gained ten pounds! The Keto Diet is a good diet, but it's not the most effective diet for everyone. A simple blood...

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Considering Bariatric Surgery?

Patients who choose bariatric surgery for weight loss frequently have temporary success with weight loss, but this success should be weighed against the increased risks with bariatric surgery. One risk which is not routinely evaluated prior to surgery is the risk of...

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Missed diagnosis: low testosterone

Men: be sure to have your testosterone levels checked! (If you're married to a man, have your husband get his levels checked!) As I have been advising my patients for quite some time, excess weight can lower the testosterone levels, making it harder to burn off fat....

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BMI inaccurate

Insurance companies and the government and the news-media seek to educate the public about the "body mass index"(BMI). The only people not talking about BMI are the weight loss physician experts. Why? --because the BMI is inaccurate. Weight loss physicians care about...

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Secret of Success: Weight Loss

A lot of people call and ask for the reason for Dr. Marlowe's high medical weight loss success rate. Reporters, people seeking medical weight loss in Charlotte, other physicians, and even stock market analysts from Dow Jones have called to discover the secret of Dr....

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7th Street Detour

From May 24th (5/24) to Juneteenth (6/19), the intersection of Hawthorne and 7th Street will be closed. If you are coming from Monroe or using Independence Blvd, this should not affect you. However, if you are coming from downtown, you cannot use 7th Street. Please...

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