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Before & After*

Tricia lost 54 lbs*

Que lost 89 lbs*

Matthew lost 83 lbs*

Lynsie lost 43 lbs*

Lyn lost 16 lbs*

Karen lost 70 lbs*

Joanne lost 72 lbs*

Glenda lost 137 lbs*

Gerald lost 50 lbs*

Faith lost 79 lbs*

Dawn lost 72 lbs*

Crystal lost 65 lbs*

Courtney lost 122.9 lbs*

Bruce lost 48 lbs*

Brian lost 118 lbs*

I believe in you. I’ve lost the weight and kept it off more than 2 years. With the other weight loss doctor, I always regained it. *

I am happier. I am a different person all around. My friends are like “You are glowing”. *

Cost? My life insurance premium – they lowered it from $139 a month to $79 a month after 3 months of seeing Dr. Marlowe. And after coming off diabetes medicines, I’m actually saving money each month seeing Dr. Marlowe. *

“I’ve tried so many other diets and none of them worked for me. This is the first that really worked.” *

I’m the #1 most successful loser in the whole history of the Curves I go to. The owner asked me to write my story so he could put the story and a picture of me on the wall at the gym. *

I don’t remember what you said first visit because I was so emotional, I never thought I would lose the weight. Now, I’ve lost it all, in only 4 months. *

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