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Chromium plays a complicated role in weight loss. More accurately, chromium deals with insulin resistance and abdominal organ fat.

In this latest study, pregnant female rats were deprived of chromium and their offspring developed insulin resistance, increased triglycerides, elevated free fatty acids, and abdominal obesity. Medline Link

Don’t just start taking chromium for weight loss. If your levels are normal, you probably don’t achieve weight loss or other benefits from it. Talk with your weight loss physician first and see if you need to be tested for low levels. However, most physicians don’t know they can test for chromium levels. When we have tested patients at the Weight Loss Institute, about 20% of patients have low levels.

Early studies drew concern about chromium use and potential increase risks of cancers in rats. Later studies showed that Chromium(VI) increased cancer risk while Chromium(III) has health benefits like weight loss.

Be sure to discuss with me at your weight loss appointment whether you should be tested or if you should simply take chromium and which brand.