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Higher protein diets result in better weight loss … so what choices should a vegetarian make?

Frequently I give specific directions to my patients, depending on whether they are vegetarian or strict-vegan. High protein choices for a vegetarian can include dairy, soy, and ovo (egg whites).

Since vegans consume neither ovo nor dairy, they must make additional effort to obtain calcium-rich vegetables and nuts. In a recent study comparing dairy protein with soy protein, consumption of dairy protein resulted in “significant and substantial suppression of the oxidative and inflammatory stress associated with overweight and obesity”.

Effects of dairy compared with soy on oxidative and inflammatory stress in overweight and obese subjects.

Many individuals hope to combat the effects of inflammation and oxidation by taking anti-oxidants. Unfortunately, repeated studies reveal that anti-oxidant supplements don’t appear to lower total body oxidative stress and inflammation.

Instead, a diet including foods which are naturally rich in calcium will result in superior weight loss and lower levels of inflammation.