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A lot of people call and ask for the reason for Dr. Marlowe’s high medical weight loss success rate. Reporters, people seeking medical weight loss in Charlotte, other physicians, and even stock market analysts from Dow Jones have called to discover the secret of Dr. Marlowe’s success.

If you ask Dr. Marlowe his weight loss secret, he’ll tell you it’s no secret … and he explains that it is simply what any good physician would do in any medical specialty. He points out that he takes the important steps that other weight loss programs simply don’t. He evaluates underlying medical conditions, helps you get off medications that cause weight gain, identifies underlying triggers to mindless eating, helps you choose the right weight loss medication for you (and changes the medicine if need be), assists you in addressing life’s stresses, and addresses medical conditions that are associated with being overweight or obese.

However, the latest study suggest that his answer is probably wrong … or at the very least, it is incomplete.

Diet pills have, for decades, contained a statement that some physicians prescribing the weight loss medication get better results than others and there seems to be something beyond just taking a diet pill. Dr. Marlowe has always agreed with the idea that the proper diet and exercise are more important than the pill. For almost every branch of medicine, choosing a healthy lifestyle is always more powerful than taking a pill.

So, why do weight loss physicians like Dr. Marlowe in Charlotte get better results than other weight loss doctors?

This recent medical study explains why some physicians get better results than others. Almost 21,000 patients in Italy were evaluated to determine which doctors performed the best in preventing acute metabolic complications for patients with diabetes. Many factors didn’t matter at all: “Physicians’ gender and age, patients’ gender, type of practice (solo versus group), geographical location of practice (mountain, hills, plain), and length of time the patient had been enrolled with the physician were not associated with acute metabolic complications.” What mattered most was empathy.

Physicians who had high levels of empathy significantly outperformed physicians who had low levels of empathy.

So, when you hear a news report which says that U.S. physicians are no better than the general public in harboring biases against overweight and obese people … you realize that choosing a medical weight loss physician who understands your weight problem is key to your success. If you go to a medical weight loss clinic where the practitioner just views it as a job rather than his personal passion, you just won’t get as good a result.

It may be that the secret to Dr. Marlowe’s success for helping others with medical weight loss is his own success in battling weight issues. He understands what it feels like to have a weight loss relapse and to need to regain motivation. He knows how it feels to be pressured to eat food you’re not supposed to eat. He knows how to continue losing weight while on vacation. Dr. Marlowe really means it when he says he understands what you’re going through, because he is there himself.

Dr. Marlowe is correct in describing how he goes more in-depth into the medical aspects of weight loss, but that’s because he loves what he does. He may not realize that a key component to his high weight loss success rate is his empathy for you which comes from his own personal weight loss struggles.