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Congratulations!  You've just been blessed with your new baby.  What a gift.  Although there is a flurry of demands at this time in your life, don't delay losing the pounds you put on during pregnancy.  If you delay weight loss, you may end up overweight for the rest of your life.  A recent study showed that weight gain during pregnancy predicts the long-term risk of obesity later in life.  More than 2,000 women were studied over 21 years.  Women who gained the most during their pregnancies had the highest rates of lifelong overweight/obesity.  Moreover, women who were overweight prior to becoming pregnant had the highest risks. 

In summary:

  1. Make weight loss a priority after pregnancy
  2. Make weight loss a priority before pregnancy

Our children do what we do.  They learn from us.  You owe it to your baby to demonstrate the healthiest habits so your child can grow up to be a healthy, happy adult one day.


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