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Illness and Weight Loss


Myth: When you’re sick, you lose weight.

Truth: Most dieters gain weight after an illness.

Why? Multiple reasons fight against your success:

  1. You eat too few calories, slowing your metabolism.
  2. When you feel better, you eat too many calories, making things worse.
  3. While sick, you eat all the wrong foods: crackers, noodle soup, starches, etc.
  4. You stop exercising
  5. You stop taking diet pills

Some patients have the added problems:

  • Their doctor put them on prednisone which causes weight gain.
  • They lose momentum and get discouraged

Remember, this is nothing more than a small setback in a long journey. You are going to be successful in the big-picture. Time to get your energy up and get back to healthy living. You deserve it.