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We Will Be Closing

After 25 years of being a physician, Dr. Marlowe will be closing Dr. Marlowe’s Weight Loss Institute.


During my early career, I was given powerful advice from a hospice nurse, and I wish to share it with you. She advised every dying patient take time to say the following 5 things to their loved ones:

(1) Thank you. (2) I’m sorry. (3) I forgive you. (4) I love you. (5) Goodbye.

(Keep this handout for when you need it, when you or one of your loved ones is dying.)

I am not dying, but since I’m retiring, I will be leaving you, so I want to express these to you today.


(1) Thank you.

Thank you for trusting us with your health. I know you have many options, and the number of options have increased, as the number of obesity medicine clinicians has dramatically increased in the last 20 years … and the medication options have expanded so that primary care doctors feel comfortable prescribing them. So, thank you for still choosing us to provide you with dietary, exercise, and medical guidance in your journey to health.

(2) I’m sorry.

I’m human. I’m not perfect. If I have let you down in any way, I apologize. Please still know that I have been trying my best to help out all my patients, and I’m sorry if any of us in our medical practice disappointed or offended you ever.

(3) I forgive you.

Most of my patients at one time have beaten themselves up for failing at the diet or the exercise. Many of them say that they didn’t want to disappoint me. (How could I be disappointed in you? I’m proud of you!) Remember, medical care is not physician against patient. Rather, it is the two of us together against the disease. I forgive you for all your lapses and shortcomings.

(4) I love you.

In my religious tradition, Jesus asks Peter, “Do you love me?” When Peter says, “Yes”, Jesus responds, “Then feed my sheep.” (Even Christianity repeatedly uses the metaphor of food. There’s just no getting away from food!) Physicians show their love by caring, helping, guiding, and tending to needs. Especially for those of you who have told me that no one cares for you or that you might kill yourself before you met me, please know that you are loved. Immensely.

(5) Goodbye.

Be blessed. Serve others.



The date of this announcement is: 7/3/2024. Our closing date is: 9/1/2024.

This will give you two more appointments (8 weeks), in order to wrap up and create a game plan for continued care with another medical provider.

If you desire a copy of your medical records, let us know and we can either email them to you or provide a copy on a thumb-drive. Bring in a thumb-drive and we will provide a copy for you on your thumb-drive. If you do not have a thumb-drive, we will have one available for purchase to take with you. If you desire a copy of your medical records faxed or printed, please take your thumb-drive to FedEx-Kinkos in Cotswold and they can assist you.

The last day to receive medical records is: 8/30/2024.