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Each person benefits most from an individualized weight loss diet.

Would you choose a cardiologist who gives each patient the exact same prescription? No. We demand a physician who determines the best medical regimen based upon each person’s unique situation. Why choose a weight loss program where everyone is treated the same?

In this latest study, Eric Westman, MD, MHS, vice-president of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, focused on patients with high blood pressure. They were divided in two groups: one group was given Orlistat plus a low-fat weight loss diet (commonly advised by non-experts) while the other groups was given a special low-carbohydrate weight loss diet. At the end of one year, only 1 in 5 patients of the low-fat & Orlistat group were able to decrease their blood pressure medication. Meanwhile, almost half of the low-carbohydrate weight loss patients were able to decrease their blood pressure medication.

This same low-carbohydrate weight loss diet would not work as well for someone who has normal blood pressure and lacks visceral fat (belly fat).

Blood tests and medical evaluation by your weight loss physician help determine your optimal weight loss diet. Schedule an appointment to determine the weight loss diet which will work best for you.

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