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Acarbose for Weight Loss

Acarbose (Precose)

How does Acarbose help me lose weight?
Acarbose helps you lose weight by blocking carbs from being digested. Most weight loss medications work on the brain to help you lose weight. In contrast, Acarbose works on the intestines to help you lose weight. Acarbose is a medication originally developed for the management of type 2 diabetes, but has been found to be effective for weight loss as well.

What are some side-effects?
If patients avoid carbs they rarely ever have side effects. If the prescribed diet is not observed, gastrointestinal symptoms are the most common side effects of Acarbose. Side effects can include flatulence, bloating, stomach pains, and diarrhea. Many patients experience the side-effects from this medicine after consuming carbs.

Why would you choose this medication for me?

This medication was chosen for you because you either have an issue with regulating your weight and your blood sugar, or you are seriously addicted to carbs and cannot take the other medicines that help with carbs.

This medication also might have been chosen for you because it reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 25%. If you already have Insulin Resistance, we want to lower your risk of developing diabetes. Even better, Acarbose decreases the risk of a heart attack by 49%! Whether you already have a heart condition or not, we want to take advantage of anything that decreases your risk of having a heart attack.

Another reason this medication could have been chosen for you is because the majority of medication stays in the intestine, so it is not very likely to interact with other medications you take.

What results have you seen at The Institute?
Acarbose, especially in combination with the individualized diet and exercise, works well for obese and overweight patients that have a high carbohydrate intake. Many patients have told us this medication makes them want to stay away from carbs. However, we have found Acarbose even more effective when combined with a low-carb diet.

Acarbose can raise your awareness of hidden carbs which have crept into your diet. We had a patient who had lost 40 lbs but had plateaued with 20 lbs more to go. This was a patient who ate everything right (and who kept a detailed food diary to prove it), did everything perfect, ate as low carb as possible, and exercised regularly. However, she still had trouble losing the last 20 lbs. One month after being prescribed medication, she came in office down another 6 lbs which was fantastic. When I asked her how she liked the Acarbose, she responded, “Oh, I only took that medicine for 2 days before stopping. I was having terrible gas, so I know I was eating foods I shouldn’t. As soon as I cut those foods out, I lost weight.”

What is the cost of Acarbose?
Acarbose is the generic version of Precose. It has been on the market over 20 years, so the price of the medication is cost effective. Most patients pay between $25-$35 for a month supply.