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1) The Keto Diet isn’t the best diet for you.

Yesterday I saw a new patient who had followed the Keto Diet for 6 months before seeing us and had actually gained ten pounds! The Keto Diet is a good diet, but it’s not the most effective diet for everyone. A simple blood test can determine if the Keto Diet is the best diet for you. The Keto Diet in general works best if your problem is abdominal fat, diabetes, PCOS, triglycerides, and you are a perfectionist.

The Keto Diet is usually not a good fit if your problem is lipedema or your problem area is primarily the legs/hips/buttocks. The blood test rarely says a person should follow the Keto Diet if they only have twenty pounds or less to lose. Also, the Keto Diet is not a good fit for someone who needs to cheat every now and then.

2) You think the Keto Diet is high protein/meat.

The Keto Diet is not a high protein diet. The Keto Diet is a high fat diet, low protein … and very low carb. You have already read websites telling you the Keto Diet is low carb and that carbs turn to sugar. But protein also turns to sugar. It’s called gluconeogenesis.

If the blood test results say the Keto Diet is the best diet for you, you must follow the prescribed percentages of fat, protein, and carb. The Keto Diet is not simply a low-carb, Atkin’s Diet. It must be high-fat and low protein.

Badly misinformed people will criticize the Keto Diet for being high protein, which is a certain sign they don’t know what they are talking about.

3) You don’t count calories.

Although you end up in “fat-burning mode” (ketosis), the fat you are burning is the fat you are eating instead of the fat in your body. Remember, in the original studies of the Keto Diet, it was never intended as a weight loss diet. The Keto Diet was intended to reduce seizures and improve metabolism by reducing inflammation.

Other versions of the Keto Diet were used by physicians like the “Father of Internal Medicine” Sir William Osler to treat diabetes in the 1920’s. Many people who want weight loss from the Keto Diet will still need to maintain a significant calorie deficit to get results.

The Keto Diet is a great diet … for the right person and done correctly. Are you the right person? Are you doing it correctly?

(Other mistakes: You still need to add exercise. You still need a prescription weight loss pill. You’re taking weight-gaining pills but been told they don’t cause weight gain. You’re using the wrong measure of success – the scale instead of the body fat meter or tape measure. The recipes you’re making are not really Ketogenic. That pre-made bulletproof coffee from the store is made with carbs.)