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TV, Heart Attack Risk

Weight loss researchers in Australia verified the correlation between television viewing time and cardiac risk factors. Weight loss researchers concluded that "[television] sitting time was detrimentally associated with waist circumference, BMI, systolic blood...

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The latest health food

Have you heard about the latest health food?  The newsmedia says it will cure cancer and cause dramatic weight loss.  Sounds too good to be true. That's because it's not true. Every few months, the newsmedia catches upon a tidbit from a medical journal and then blows...

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Bariatric surgery cause of cancer

As a result of a recent study, some patients are choosing a medical weight loss clinic over a surgical weight loss clinic. At Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss Institute, we perform medical weight loss, not surgery. For the majority of patients who experience weight loss...

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Probiotics Help Weight Loss

Small studies begin to suggest that probiotics may help further weight loss attempts. In previous studies, patients have included probiotics after their bariatric surgery and have lost more weight than patients who did not consume probiotics. In this most recent...

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Cancer gene promotes obesity

Cancer researchers working with mice discovered the most interesting phenomenon. When the researchers bred a group of mice who lack the PIKE cancer gene, the mice resisted developing obesity. Researchers fed a high-fat diet to both normal mice and PIKE-free mice. The...

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Vegetarian Protein

Higher protein diets result in better weight loss ... so what choices should a vegetarian make? Frequently I give specific directions to my patients, depending on whether they are vegetarian or strict-vegan. High protein choices for a vegetarian can include dairy,...

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Healthy Fats and Cholesterol

In our weight loss program in Charlotte, we recommend patients consume healthy fats. Nuts and seeds are an important source of healthy fats. We seek to not only help you lose weight, but also to be as healthy as possible while doing so. In this study, weight loss...

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Cocoa for hardening of the arteries?

Normally, I don't post on topics like this, but it piqued my interest. Markers of inflammation have been correlated with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). In a recent study, researchers demonstrated that cocoa decreased inflammation. One group of patients...

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Work stress and weight gain

Harvard weight loss researchers confirm our suspicions that work-related stress can cause weight gain. Weight loss researchers studied more than 1,300 individuals over a period of 10 years. Among overweight men, the biggest predictors of weight gain were stress from...

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1 based upon statistics of Medline of published studies of weight loss programs as well as statistics provided by members of Obesity Medicine Association who have published data of their success rate.